Labrador puppy with a rope toy

Q. What type of equipment will I need to train my dog, and can I buy it from you?

A. Armchair Dogs stocks a small range of quality products that we believe are useful tools to help with training and behavioural problems. All the products that we sell have been tried and tested on our own dogs for quality and usefulness.

For class training you will need a normal collar and lead, check chains are not permitted in our classes due to the damage that they can cause to a dog’s neck and back. We prefer that people do not use extending leads in class as they are cumbersome and can cause their own problems, such as rope burns to people!

Gentle Leader head collars, Gentle leader harnesses, Non-pull harnesses and Wonda Walka harnesses are also available to buy. These pieces of equipment can be of considerable help with pulling on lead problems, and we are there to make sure the equipment that you purchase is fitted properly. The Wonda Walkas have proved very popular and are handmade in Wales and are not available in any pet shops.

Clickers are also available to purchase and come complete with fact sheets. All our clickers are now tabbed, meaning you can attach a wrist lanyard so that when you run out of hands you don’t lose your clicker!

Q. What other products do you sell?

A. We sell interactive dog toys such as the highly popular Buster Cube and Ball and a range of Kong toys to help keep dogs mentally stimulated, especially useful in dealing with boredom when your dog needs to be left on his own.

We stock the Buster Maze; cleverly designed so it can’t be tipped over on a hard floor, or picked up, the dog has to use its tongue or paws to work the food around the maze until it can get it out. Road tested by Rannoch, this is fab for slowing down speedy eaters or making a dog think!

We always have plenty of dog food treats for sale such as Antos mini bones and meaty strips. We also stock Antos toothbrushes and meaty dental bones, along with lots of other Antos cerea products, which prove very popular with dogs and their owners!

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