Delish Fresh Apple


Freeze dried treats; because heavy-handed heat treatments suppress an ingredient’s natural flavours and nutritional oompf! Freeze dried treats have the same nutritional value as fresh treats. Freeze drying preserves the flavours and nutrients, transforming the fresh fruits into light, flavourful, crispy, delicious fruit treats.


Apples are an inspired, low-calorie snack crammed full of invaluable nutrients. Whether used as a healthy snack or a tasty training aid these treats pack a satisfying crunch. Loaded with beneficial dietary fibre and vitamins A, C & K these treats are devoid of any sodium or saturated fats.

In addition, the low protein nature of these tangy orchard treats is ideal for ageing dogs with the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids enhancing a dog’s coat and skin health whilst the presence of phosphorous and calcium are essential to dogs ongoing cartilage and bone health. It’s also believed that the anti-oxidants contained with these fruits can assist in warding off cancer and degenerative conditions like joint disease.

INGREDIENTS: 100% all natural raw, mountain apple dog chews