Delicious Papaya Treats


Freeze dried treats; because heavy-handed heat treatments suppress an ingredient’s natural flavours and nutritional oompf! Freeze dried treats have the same nutritional value as fresh treats. Freeze drying preserves the flavours and nutrients, transforming the fresh fruits into light, flavourful, crispy, delicious fruit treats.


A juicy dog treat brimming with disease-busting vitamins (A, E, K & C), minerals and anti-oxidants. As another revered ‘super fruit,’ Papaya is packed with ‘good news’ fibre and papain, a digestive enzyme admired for soothing stomach upset and aiding the digestion of proteins.

Better still papaya contains handy anti-parasitic properties which helps keep unwelcome visitors at bay. On the small matter of bad breath, this is an affliction that often emanates from the stomach. Papaya certainly assists in the breakdown of noxious gases and unwelcome smells.

INGREDIENTS: 100% all natural raw, papaya dog chews