Crunchy Coconut Treats


Freeze dried treats; because heavy-handed heat treatments suppress an ingredient’s natural flavours and nutritional oompf! Freeze dried treats have the same nutritional value as fresh treats. Freeze drying preserves the flavours and nutrients, transforming the fresh fruits into light, flavourful, crispy, delicious fruit treats.


Mirroring their primary benefits for humans, crunchy coconut treats provide a handy, go-to treat for any ‘big-boned’ dog seeking to lose a little weight.

Being high in lauric acid means coconut is perfectly placed to help bolster a dog’s healthy metabolism, whilst assisting weight loss.

Lauric acid has a hard-earned reputation for fighting off viruses, yeast infections and ringworm whilst reducing inflammation and helping aching wounds/joints heal a little quicker.
Lest we forget coconut are also much lauded for their beneficial detoxifying effects!

INGREDIENTS: 100% all natural, ‘coastal’ coconut dog chews