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Tell me about puppy classes...

  • we book puppies in to start up to the age of 16 weeks
  • it is a rolling course with new puppies starting every week
  • the emphasis is on socialisation and handling
  • we also cover the basics; sit, down, stay, coming to call, play biting, jumping up
  • we introduce the puppies to different objects such as umbrellas, different floor coverings and sometimes an adult dog comes to visit.
  • there is no limit to the number of people who can come with each puppy
  • we are always happy to answer your questions, although sometimes we are also very busy, so it may be easier to call us on 023 8046 5429
  • we train pet dogs; we do not train to competition level
Tell me about level 2 and 3 courses...
  • level 2 and 3 courses are for dogs that are too old for puppy classes
  • depending on your dog's age, breed, confidence level and previous experience we will suggest either level 2 or 3
  • we continue to work on the basics of training, however start making the dogs think for themselves a bit more
  • please contact us to discuss your individual dog and their needs